6 Days Horse Riding in Jordan

Day 1 : Wadi Rum

we drive from Petra to Wadi Rum to meet with horses. Directory at approx 8:00 . We put bags in the car and accompanying them to ride for 3 hours and then break and lunch 2 hours And then continue the ride to our lodging. 2. Our overnight camp is in a local village of B Dlagh. Hours of time have a place near the village of B Dlagh overnight camping.


Day 2 : Wadi Rum

we have Breakfast at 8 am and at 8:30am we start our horse ride. then we ride our horses for 3 hours. We break and have tea and continue riding to Algma. Lunch Break period Lunch 2.30 for absence, break horses, after riding to a place B 2.30 an hour and is located within the area of Wadi Rum camping dinner.


Day 3 : Wadi Rum

breakfast at 8 processing horses for takeoff at 8:30 and then head to the area of the towers to the bead visit imaging follow up trip to the place of food 3 hours riding a tea break and food in the sand Shh horses for 3 hours ride to the Reserve Rum Bed Mount Pillars of Wisdom seven overnight.
At 8:00am we have breakfast and start riding at 8:30am
We head to the And then we break for lunch and tea
After 3 hours we continue to the reserve rum bed and visit the 7 Pillars of Wisdom.


Day 4 : Wadi Rum

After breakfast at 8 processing horse to ride 8.30 starting to driven or twenty inscriptions Melih there is a canter for 10 minutes for the ride 3 hours and the food in Barh Canyon Break Horses 2.30 an hour to go to Brorda Tower to Umm bloody overnight camping night dinner Bedouin
At 8:00am we have breakfast and start riding at 8:30am
We are driven to the 20 Melih inscriptions something for 10 minutes
We continue to
Overnight camp in umm bloody Bedouin camp.


Day 5 : Wadi Rum

Breakfast at 8 am processing a horse to ride for 2.30 an hour starting visit Tower or froth Oshh tea 30 minutes to continue to the food BRIC Lunch when Qsrlorenc break horses for 2.30 hours Continue to inscriptions Alinvechih to place B and dinner at Mount Khazali overnight camping


Day 6 : Wadi Rum Departure

After breakfast at 8 am processing a horse to ride to the start of 8.30 or 2.30 Slab for lunchtime Lunch Oshh horses for 1 hour and then continue to the end of the journey at the end of the village Alhakerih, then prepared to depart.

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